Map + Directions


As you enter Key West on US Route 1, bear right and stay on North Route 1.

North Route 1, will become a one lane road in each direction.

When it does it has now become Truman Avenue.

Turn right onto White Street, it will be at a traffic light, the corner of Truman & White.

The guesthouse is on the right & at the corner of White & Petronia, fourth street intersection.

Please keep going, Petronia is one way!

Turn right onto Newton Street, the next street.

Turn on your first right, that is Georgia Street.

Turn on your first right, that is Petronia Street.

The guesthouse is the last building on the right in this block.

If one of the two parking spaces is available in our gravel lot, park there.

If not, park anywhere on the street, it is free, as long you are not blocking a driveway or on a yellow curb.

If you have to park on White Street, park in a spot that does not say, ‘Resident Permit’.